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Welcome on Board! Meet our Newest Skin Care Therapist – Heather

Fabrizio Salon & Urban Retreat Spa is excited to announce the addition of our Newest Esthetician – Heather!


Esthetician - Heather

Years in Profession: 5 years in Management; 23 years in the Beauty Industry

Years with Fabrizio: 5 years

Service Commitment/Philosophy:

“I love working with clients to help them achieve their best skin. With all of the options out there as far as at-home care and facial treatments it can be confusing to navigate what will work best for you. That is where I step in. I work with clients to address their concerns and we come up with a plan of action together. I love to educate clients to consider their skin care routine to include a full body approach to skin care. Meaning it is not just what you put on your skin but also how you nourish your body. I want clients to walk away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated as well as well-educated.”

Education & Awards: Board Certified Esthetician; Graduate of Padua Academy

Areas of Specialization: Skin Extractions and Esthetics: My passion is working with clients with acne as well anti-aging and overall skin health.

Services Provided: Facials, Bacials, Peels, Hydrofacials and Microdermabrasion, Anti-aging skin care. Treatment of clients with acne prone skin with a need for extractions.


FOCUS ON SKIN CARE: Getting your skin in tip-top shape!

Too much fun in the sun over the summer months sure feels great but unfortunately can cause stress to your skin. Some of the biggest stressors are the sun’s rays (both UVA / UVB), heat and air conditioning.  All can contribute to blemishes, breakouts, not to mention excessive dryness and premature aging. As a result, your skin can feel dry and dehydrated and look a bit older as fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced. This accumulation of dry skin cells as the outermost layer of your skin, can become more problematic as debris can get trapped. When it does, it begins to form a barrier. Additionally, if you’re someone with acne prone skin, the increased oil production to compensate for dryness can spell disaster with the increase of clogged pores. This is why it’s so important to receive a thorough facial cleansing and effective exfoliation seasonally. Think of it as power-washing your skin!



TIPS to help with summer dehydrated and dry skin:

  1. Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening GelThe easiest and most effective thing you can do is to make sure you are getting enough water. The body is comprised 60% water and needs constant replenishment; even more so during the summer months. Drink at least 8 full glasses of water daily. Some even suggest upping this amount to 10 glasses during the summer months due to moisture loss from the heat and perspiration. Drinking water is your first line of defense when rehydrating the skin. Make sure you are drinking a quality water. Avoid whenever possible unfiltered, well or tap water. A great source of quality water is found is summer fruits. Watermelon and cucumbers are super-hydrating, for example.

2. Whenever you’re out in the sun, always moisturize and make sure to use sun protection with SPF daily. Hats to shield your skin and sunglasses to protect the delicate eye area from the sun can be super cute and effective too!

3. MOST IMPORTANT – Exfoliate your face at least once a week with a high quality exfoliator or scrub. We recommend Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser and Skin Brightening Scrub. Use these in combination for a beautiful glow. Use the scrub 2x’s per week. Both products are specifically aimed at helping sun-induced pigmentation and melasma (brown or grayish-brown blotches, typically on the forehead, chin, cheeks, upper lip, or nose). Call 302 656-8660 or email to reserve your products.

4. Another weapon in your arsenal of defense against sun-induced, dry skin is to come in for a Fabrizio facial. While exfoliating at home is beneficial for your skin, nothing compares to the effectiveness achieved when it is done professionally. Remember exfoliation is the key because it removes dry, dead skin cells and brings newer, younger skin cells to the surface of your skin (cellular turnover). This process reveals a more youthful looking appearance. As an added benefit, once your skin is properly exfoliated, your moisturizers, creams and serums will penetrate more deeply into your skin allowing for better results.

5. We offer many professional exfoliation methods including; wet and dry, mechanical and manual, natural enzymes and chemical peels. Each exfoliation method offers varying degrees of intensity. For example our Essential Facial (entry level) includes a very mild scrub. Our Ultra Diamond Microdermabrasion, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is one of our most powerful because it combines the super-effective mechanical method of abrasing and suctioning the skin with a chemical peel for maximum exfoliation benefits in one session. Here is a handy list of exfoliation options that can be used in conjunction with any facial on our menu:

    • • Microdermabrasion (both wet or dry)
    • • Dermaplane (manual removal of outer surface with surgical blade)
    • • Enyzymes and Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic Peels


Which exfoliation method is right for you?

All Fabrizio exfoliative-type facials were created to effectively slough off dead, dry skin cells, and removing surface debris. All are especially effective at renewing end of summer when skin can be at its driest. Additionally, you can combine more than one exfoliation method (during one session) for even greater exfoliation results. Each method offers varying degrees of sloughing intensity and caters to the individual client’s skin type, condition and overall skin care goals. For this reason, our talented and friendly Estheticians are very knowledgeable and eager in recommending the right exfoliation method for you.


Noticing more sun spots on your skin?

For overexposure to the sun – not only would the exfoliation methods above be great solutions but when combined with our Skin Brightening Treatment, it offers a powerful punch in lightening the appearance of the dark spots and reversing the damage caused by the sun. With the aid of hydroquinone, our Skin Brightening Treatment gently exfoliates the skin while providing important antioxidant support. This potent pigment serum will even the appearance of skin tone for luminous results. Without lightened spots, your overall visage will look more youthful.


What makes Fabrizio Facials so special?

We offer knowledgeable, experience, friendly skin care therapists that want to partner with you on your journey to more beautiful skin. In addition, all Fabrizio facials and skin treatments come with:

  • • a thorough skin consultation
  • • a skin evaluation – our Estheticians will identify your skin type and condition.
  • • your own personal in-treatment skin care regimen – during the facial, we interchange cleansers, exfoliators, toners, masks and moisturizers that fit your specific skin care needs and skin type.
  • • a relaxing massage is performed on your face, hands, arms, neck, feet and calves utilizing a moisturizing shea butter cream.
  • • warm steamed towels infused with refreshing lemongrass aromatherapy oil to create a relaxing experience.
  • • a complimentary at-home care recommendation so you can bolster your skin care in between facial visits.

We’ve included this handy First-time Try Offer valid for the month of September to kick-start your skin care journey to fabulous skin.

$10 off your first facial

*expires 9/30/20












We appreciate the opportunity to guide you on your path to more beautiful and healthy skin and for allowing us to serve all your beauty needs!



Fabrizio and Angela Galieti

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