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Tired of visiting your run-of-the-mill nail place? You know the place where you can’t request your favorite nail artist because they don’t take requests and you’re just assigned to whomever.  And when you get whomever, they rush through the service because another guest is waiting.

We think you deserve much better. We offer a nail spa where we not only know your name but we know your favorite nail color and just how you like your tea or coffee. We won’t rush through your nail services or take shortcuts, because we know that you deserve nothing but our undivided attention.  With every nail service, we include a relaxing massage and lemongrass aromatherapy warm steamed towel service and high-quality professional nail care. Enjoy a luxurious, unrushed, hand-crafted, nail spa experience. 

  • • We are dedicated to providing a great nail experience in a warm and friendly, upscale environment.
  • • We believe in using high-quality professional use nail care products that are better for our clients, staff, and the environment.
  • • Our experienced and highly-creative nail artists truly care about their clients and their nails.
  • • We ensure hygiene and safety with every nail service while embracing individual style.

Private Parties

Looking for a fantastic way to enjoy your friends, family or colleagues? We offer the ideal setting for your next birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party, bridal and baby shower, reunion, corporate gathering, work meeting, or whatever event you can think of. All ages are welcome! Reserve our nail area or the entire spa for your event to ensure a customized celebration like no other. With our talented staff, the best manicures and pedicures in Delaware, you will have an amazing time!

What our clients have to say...


Treat your hands to a rejuvenating experience and indulge in timeless elegance with our Classic Manicure. First we’ll start with a relaxing hand soak to cleanse and soften, then we’ll apply cuticle softener, perform a cuticle trim, buff the nail surface, and file the nail edge to your desired shape. We’ll perform a relaxing hand massage with moisturizing lotion and apply base coat, (2) coats of professional nail color, and your choice of a protective top coat for beautiful shine and increased durability.

$60 package of 3

Last week’s polish doesn’t agree with you this week? Then, this service is for you. Only takes 15 minutes. Includes old polish removal, light buffing, and the application of a new color, & topcoat. Can even be done in between receiving services from the salon. *This service only applies to regular polish. Not applicable for Gel Polish.
$45 package of 3
A weekly polish that delivers week-long wear and no chips. It’s not quite a a Gel Polish but way more durable than regular polish.
$72 package of 3

French Nails at Fabrizio Salon & Urban Retreat Spa Experience the epitome of understated sophistication with our French Manicure. Our skilled technicians will meticulously paint your nails with a sheer, pale pink gel polish base (or any base color you choose) and add pristine gel polish white tips (or any color you choose) for a timeless and elegant look. Perfect for any occasion, our French Gel Polish Manicure will elevate your style with a touch of classic beauty and provide long-lasting wear.

Add a personalized nail design to your nails. Choose shapes, stripes, colored or metallic glitter, rhinestones, customized design or seasonal design.
starting at $5 per nail
Chrome $15
Treat your hands to a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Enjoy all of the steps of our classic manicure plus a soothing warm paraffin dip and relaxing shea-butter hand massage that leaves your skin soft and hydrated.
$90 package of 3
This hand treatment specially crafted for Valentine’s Day includes our Fabrizio Spa Manicure plus a milk & honey sugar scrub to remove dry skin and a relaxing hand massage with chocolate scented moisturizer. Lastly we’ll finish with a warm paraffin wax dip to seal in moisture. Benefits include moisturized and younger-looking skin and nail cuticles.
$99 package of 3

Enjoy the warm, comforting aroma of pumpkin spice throughout your treatment that’s perfect for the fall! Our skilled nail technicians will pamper your hands and nails, starting with a cleansing and soothing hand soak  followed by a gentle exfoliating milk & honey scented sugar scrub to reveal soft, glowing skin. Next, your cuticles will be pushed back and trimmed, nails will be expertly shaped, buffed, and polished. We’ll finish with a pumpkin masque, a warm paraffin dip followed by a relaxing, moisturizing pumpkin-infused lotion massage to leave your hands feeling silky smooth.

$120 package of 3
The Classic Manicure with a clear base and top coat applications.
$54 package of 3
For girls 12 and under.
add a Princess Pedicure $25
Choose rhinestones, colored or metallic glitter, shapes, stripes, seasonal or customized nail design.
starting at $5 per nail

paraffin wax treatmentYour hands are submerged in the warm liquid bath of paraffin or wax. The wax then hardens slightly on your skin and is removed after a few minutes. Softens and soothes skin, adds moisture, provides pain relief to sore joints and muscles, helps to open pores and removes dead skin cells. The skin on your feet and / or  hands will look fresher and feel smoother. (This treatment can be added to any manicure or pedicure).

$10 hands
$15 feet

Nail Enhancements

Gel X is a revolutionary nail enhancement system that combines the durability of a gel manicure with the versatility and length of traditional nail extensions. Unlike other methods, Gel X uses a full-cover soft gel extension that adheres seamlessly to your natural nails, ensuring a flawless finish that can be shaped, styled and painted to perfection.

We use a trendy and classic array of gel-based polishes that require a UV light to cure in order to lock the nail color onto your nails. Instant benefits include chip-free, durable polish that lasts up to 3 weeks.  And while regular polish can chip as quickly as two to three days, our gel polish stays chip-free for weeks. (Also known as Shellac Nails)

Includes relaxing aromatherapy Shea Butter hand massage.

To remove the gel polish on your next manicure, we soak with a gel polish remover and then reapply.


Enjoy the beauty of a French Manicure in gel version for long-lasting durability. Includes all steps in our Gel Polish Manicure with design on accent nails or all nails. To remove the gel polish on our next manicure, we soak with a gel polish remover and then reapply.
Nail Design on Accent Nails $48 
Nail Design on all nails $58 + *up
(*depends on intricacy of design)

Fabrizio Designer Gel PolishIncludes all of the steps in our Gel Polish Manicure with design on accent nails or all nails.

To remove the gel polish on your next manicure, we soak with a gel polish remover and then reapply.

Nail Design on Accent nails $48

Nail Design on all Nails $58 & up
*(depending on intricacy of design)

For extra shine, wear and durability



Delaware Today MagazineWinner of Best of Delaware – “Best Pedicures”
Performed in our naturally therapeutic copper pedibowls.

$129 package of 3
A weekly polish that delivers week-long wear and no chips. It’s not quite a gel polish but way more durable than regular polish.
$143 package of 3

Our Gel Polish Pedicure delivers unbelievable shine, durability and weeks worth of wear. Great for all nail types. Excellent for the beach or pool as it provides extra chip protection from sand, salt water, and chlorine.

add $17 to your choice of any pedicure

add $10 to any pedicurefrench pedicure

Our no frills version of The Classic Pedicure. No moisturizer or massage. Only 30 minutes. Perfect for those on the go!

$115 package of 3

Spa Pedicures

Your feet are immersed in a warm mint & eucalyptus mineral salt bath, followed by a gentle foot scrub to remove dead skin and hardened calluses. Next, a nourishing masque is applied then removed with steaming towels. After, enjoy a relaxing foot and calf massage followed by a warm foot paraffin wax dip to seal in moisture.

Package of 3 – $157

One of our most popular spa pedicures! Beautifully exfoliate the skin on your feet with our natural milk & honey sugar scrub. Next, we infuse moisture and nutrients by applying a Pumpkin masque. We’ll finish with a pumpkin massage and warmed steamed towels for the most decadent pedicure you’ve ever experienced. Instant results. Reveal younger-looking feet.

Package of 3 – $175

Indulge in our newest pedicure! Our luxurious CBD Pedicure Treatment harnesses the therapeutic benefits of CBD to provide a deeply soothing experience for your feet and mind.  Our CBD Pedicure incorporates cannabidiol (CBD) – a non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp plants – known for its powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and moisturizing properties. This treatment not only pampers your feet but also helps to alleviate stress, reduce pain, and nourish your skin.


Let the age-reversing properties of red grape leaf oil nourish and protect your skin, while allowing red wine leaf extracts promote blood circulation, relieve tired, sore legs and feet. Includes all of the steps in our Classic Pedicure plus a Red Wine Leaf Masque and Spray along with a relaxing massage to the feet and calves, foot paraffin wax dip and warm-towel steam. Instant results reveal younger-looking feet.

Package of 3 – $175

Our second most popular spa pedicure! Beautifully exfoliate your feet with a natural milk & honey sugar scrub. Next, we infuse your skin with over 100 different vitamins and nutrients via a mango masque. We’ll finish with a shea-butter moisturizing massage. Your feet will feel great and look younger too!


Package of 3 – $175

An hour-long foot treatment as decadent as chocolate. Enjoy a warm soothing mineral salts foot bath, a milk & honey sugar scrub and nourishing masque, a warm paraffin foot dip. We’ll finish with a heavenly foot and calf massage with a chocolate scented massage moisturizer.


Package of 3 – $175

Experience ultimate relaxation with our CBD Pedicure. Infused with high-quality CBD, this treatment soothes tired feet, reduces inflammation, and promotes deep relaxation. Treat yourself to a luxurious, calming pedicure that leaves your feet feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. Perfect for unwinding after a long day.


For extra shine, wear and durability.

add $10 to any manicure

add $17 to any pedicure

add $10 to any manicure (available in gel only)

add $10 to any pedicure (available in regular or gel polish)

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