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Should I Color My Own Hair at Home during this Pandemic?

Originally when we posted this blog two weeks ago, a poll of our top Fabrizio Hairstylists responded to this question with an emphatic “no”.

Since that time, we’ve switched our answer a complete 180 degrees and now respond with a resounding “yes”.


Why you ask?

Emergency Root Touch Up KitWe are very excited to announce that we’re now offering our own customized Emergency Root Touch Up Kits. In doing so, we’ve taken all (well, almost all) of the fears associated with using box dye to color your hair.  Our kits come complete with your own in-salon color formula. By doing so, we can ensure the same quality as you have come to experience in the salon not to mention, perfect hair color matching results. We’ve made our Emergency Hair Root Touch Up Kits available to all of our existing hair clients who have had their hair previously colored at our salon: Fabrizio Salon & Urban Retreat Spa at 1604 West 16th St. in Trolley Square section of Wilmington.

Read below why our Emergency Root Touch Up Kits offer the perfect solution to touching up your greys at home.


Taking the Guesswork Out of At-Home Hair Coloring

With so many salons closed during this pandemic what’s a woman to do when she starts to see those ill-fated grey roots come in? In an act of desperation, one can cave in to the temptation of buying a pharmacy or supermarket brand do-it-yourself at-home color. Two weeks ago, our blog exposed some of the pitfalls of venturing down this path; most notably mismatched and unwanted hair color results from choosing the wrong hair color. Luckily for Fabrizio clients who have had their hair colored previously at our salon, all custom formulated hair color formulas are stored in our client database. This unique custom-blended hair color is what we use in your Emergency Root Touch Up Kit (among some other things too). With these newly developed kits, you no longer have to fret any longer about your grey roots.


Picture of Mineral Restructure OilYour Hair Health Won’t Be Compromised

The hair color included in our Emergency Hair Color Kits is the same hair color used during your in-salon hair color service – this way you know what to expect. All of the professional products we use and endorse earn Fabrizio’s stamp of approval. Additionally, we’ve added our famous Mineral Restructure Oil Treatment Vial as an extra hair conditioning measure to render your hair like silk after your at-home hair color application.


More About Our Emergency Root Touch Up Kits

Our Emergency Root Touch Up Kit includes all of the essentials to coloring your hair in the comfort of your own home. Our kits come with your specially formulated Fabrizio hair color and step-by-step instructions, a pair of hair coloring gloves, a tint brush, a plastic disposable tint bowl, an application of tint guard, an application of color remover, hair clips, a conditioning Mineral Restructure Oil Treatment Vial, and a sample-sized organic shampoo and conditioner.

You can purchase our Emergency Root Touch Up Kits by clicking on this handy link. (Once again, you must have had your hair colored previously in-salon to buy one of our kits.)


Special Instructions

Our kits are pre-formulated but, not pre-mixed. Our kits come with a part A (hair color) and a part B (developer). Very important – part A and part B are to be mixed right before beginning your hair color application at home. You have up to 72 hours to apply the hair color contained in the kit. We do not recommend going beyond the 72-hour application window. Additionally, once the Emergency Hair Color Kit is purchased and preassembled with your own customized formula, we can not take any returns or process any refunds.

Pickup of Kits is on Thursday between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.


Steps to Order your Kit:

  1. Click on this link to order: Emergency Root Touch Up Kit
  2. Curbside pickup on Thursdays – arrive at salon between the hours of 1:00 – 3:00 pm for pick up (at the back door).
  3. As you arrive, it is then that your hair color and developer will be added to your kit. This ensures freshness.
  4. Color your hair at home as soon as you can or within the 72 hour window. (We prefer as soon as you can.)
  5. Add any other additional hair care products you may need to your cart. We can add them to your kit.
  6. Enjoy your newly re-freshened roots!


Bumble Hair Powder Blonde

For those who don’t want an Emergency Root Touch Up Kit but want something to conceal the grey, we are offering:

Specially colored root-touch up spray-on hair powders that can get you through until your next hair color appointment. We are also offering hair color concealing powder too. Both are temporary and can be washed out with your next shampoo. These are also available for purchase via our website by clicking Bumble and bumble Hair Powders and Wella Insta Recharge.



Lastly, for our non-interventionists:

Wella Insta-Recharge Root Concealer - Medium BrownConsider investing in a cute hat or baseball or athletic-type cap that you can add to your root concealing arsenal. You can alternate these in your journey to prolong your last hair color as long as possible. Before you know it, we will be open for business again – which by the way, we can’t wait!

Remember too – we are here anytime you need us. Just send your hair coloring questions or concerns via email at and we will help you as best we can. For more information and pricing on hair coloring services, visit our hair services menu. 

Please let us know how you like this blog by commenting or sharing. Thanks so much for the opportunity to care for your hair and beauty needs. Continue to stay safe and healthy!

From all of your friends at the salon and Urban Retreat Spa where “your beauty is our passion”.




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