Resorge Vegetal Protein


A volumizing and nourishing tonic that de-tangles and adds body to finer hair types. Contains Green Tea Extract to re-balance. Aloe Barbadensis extract to hydrate and impart moisture. Aloe Barbadensis extract to hydrate. Marigold extract as an emollient to smooth and soften. Oat Extract as a volumizer and moisturizer.

Use as a foundation product to equalize the hair’s ph and porosity and for a more even spread of styling products. Renders hair soft, smooth, and very manageable. Provides volume, body and more structure to thinning and fine hair types.Excellent for thin hair types.

250ml $29


250ml, 1000ml


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  • Our #1 selling product! This smoothing styling creme provides a thin layer of protection from appliances that emit high heat such as hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons. Overuse of these appliances overtime can damage hair that does not have this protection. Preserve the correct moisture content of your hair and protect hair against extreme changes in temperature during styling. Leaves hair smooth, soft and shiny.

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    Evenly apply a quarter size amount from roots to ends. Use with Glossy Milk for even silkier, more manageable hair.