Resorge Purifying Scrub


A purifying and conditioning scrub that removes excess scalp sebum and any kind of dandruff. for an oily or greasy scalp that contains dandruff. Contains Rosemary extract as an antioxidant and to stimulate the scalp. Nettle extract to detoxify. Sage extract to stimulate the hair follicle. Peridoxine to detoxify. Piroctone Olamina to combat and prevent dandruff.

Purifies the scalp and hair and removes any kind of dandruff. Leaves the scalp feeling hydrated, fresh and clean. You may even experience a tingling sensation.

Excellent for all hair types that are oily or greasy and scalp’s that contain dandruff.

Apply one pump or quarter-size amount onto wet hair. Add water and work into hair to develop a foaming action. Rinse thoroughly.

200ml $29


250ml, 1000ml


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