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Fall into our Pumpkin Menu of Spa Services!

Celebrate fall and delight in the scents of autumn with our spicy blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. September 21 signals the first day of fall and the start of our newest menu of pumpkin spa and nail services.

Did you know that pumpkin has naturally occurring antioxidants, nutrients, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, polyphenols and remarkably high levels of vitamin E?

Yes, it’s true. You’ll find all of these precious essential nutrients in the mask, enzymes, and buttercreams used in our pumpkin spa and nail services.

Pumpkin is so beneficial for your skin because the naturally occurring enzymes in pumpkin act a great exfoliator. Imagine pumpkin enzymes like little “pac” men eating away and dissolving dead skin cells and skin surface debris. These natural enzymes allow us to gently and naturally (without the use of any harsh chemicals) deeply clean the skin by removing skin’s outermost surface of debris and dead skin cells. Secondly, once this shield is removed pumpkin’s naturally occurring nutrients are more readily infused into the skin. This dual action of exfoliation and nutrient infusion is what truly makes our pumpkin fall services are most effective and popular.

How do you know it’s the right time for a highly effective facial like our Pumpkin facial?

If you gently take your finger and just move it across the skin of your face right now, you will feel dryness and possibly some roughness. This is a very good indicator that you have dry dead skin cells and are ready for a deep skin cleansing and skin exfoliation. Fall is an excellent time to start your regimen of regular facials because your skin has been exposed to the summer sun which can leave skin feeling dry. Remember our Pumpkin Facial is so beneficial because when we remove dry, dehydrated, rough in texture, outermost layer of skin, younger, more supple looking skin is revealed. As a double benefit, when this outer layer which acts as a barrier or shield is removed, the nutrients found pumpkin like beta-carotene and vitamin A can more easily penetrate your skin to nourish, regenerate, and rejuvenate skin.

The Pumpkin Facial is excellent for all skin types; especially acne and sensitive.

►ENJOY THESE END RESULTS:  Rejuvenated, smooth, moisturized, supple beautifully glowing skin.

We offer the Pumpkin Facial as a single service $105 or as a package of 3 for $285. We strongly recommend the package of 3 pumpkin facials because your skin will dramatically improve after 3 consecutive monthly facials.


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