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  • Nourishing and hydrating shampoo with Hyaluronic Acid, Vegetable Keratin, Honey, and Organic Oat extract. (93% of ingredient are of natural origin). Delicately deep cleans while moisturizing and removing chemical and environmental residue. Prepares the hair structure to receive the plumping effects from Hyaluronic Conditioner.

    250ml $28 / 1000ml $64

  • Access to fabulously styled hair with maximum wear. Featuring handcrafted, modern-day, European hairdressing techniques for the smoothest, sexiest, longest-lasting blow outs this side of the Atlantic.

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  • Hyaluronic conditioner with Hyaluronic acid, Vegetable Keratin, Honey and Oat extract work in synergy to plump the hair fiber. Specially formulated for weak, fine, dehydrated and dry hair. Hyaluronic acid intensively repairs and nourishes while Vegetable Keratin strengthens and creates volume. Honey and Organic Oat extract leaves hair soft and silky.

    (Use with Hyaluronic Shampoo for best results).

    For all hair types: specially formulated for fine, limp, weakened hair types.


    pH 4.0/4.5

    250ml $32 / 1000ml $68

  • NO YELLOW Treatment Shampoo with organic ingredients Aloe, Red Vine Extract, vegetable Keratins and special pigments neutralize and remove unwanted yellow-orange reflections in the hair. Protects, moisturizes,  provides shine and silkiness. Excellent at removing brassiness (yellow tones) for natural and highlighted blondes and natural grey hair.

    Imported from Italy.



    250ml $27 / 1000ml $53

  • What?
    A delicate, deep-cleansing shampoo that contains active ingredients to prevent hair color fadage.

    Revives hair color and luminosity. Contains Horse Chestnut extract to balance hair. Red Grapevine Extract which acts as an antioxidant to prevent hair color fadage. Green Tea extract as a hair toner to reestablish correct hair ph.

    Anyone with color-treated hair.

    Apply one pump or quarter-size amount onto wet hair. Add water and work into hair to develop a foaming action.

    250ml $27 / 1000ml $49

  • Insta Recharge Powder offers professional temporary coloring solutions for in-between salon appointments. A dermatologically tested formula, developed with a combination of minerals and color pigments which instantly adheres to the hair. For results that easily conceal and optically fill roots, whilst fading away within the next shampoo.


  • What?

    A delicate, light moisturizing shampoo.


    Restructures and hydrates dry, chemically -treated, brittle hair. It contains Tilia Cordata Extract to refresh hair. Green Tea Extract to tone and restore hair’s proper ph. Calendula Extract as an emollient or moisturizer.


    Anyone with dry, color-treated, brittle hair.


    Apply one pump or quarter-size amount onto wet hair. Add water and work into hair to develop a foaming action.

    250ml $27 / 1000ml $49