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Tanino Enzymotherapy Smoothing Treatment

This lingering moisture and humidity that we’ve been experiencing lately has been wreaking havoc on your hair, we know. Lately, we’ve been hearing about it in our salon every day. But at last, we have an excellent solution to treat your frizz.

Introducing our Tanino Enzymotherapy Treatment. Think of it as the next generation keratin treatment without the harmful formaldehyde then add a touch of reconditioning and restoring hair to a smooth, silk-like texture that you experienced in your twenties. It’s 100% organic and 100% glyoxylic acid-free.

What is a Tanino Enzymotherapy Smoothing Hair Treatment?

It’s a patented technology utilizing the highest grade of Tannic Acid extracted from the Black Wattle tree. Tannic Acid is activated using nanotechnology, heat, and traction (blowdry and flatiron) to smooth the shape of the hair strand. It’s a formaldehyde-free, organic, hair smoothing treatment (like a keratin) only better because it uses naturally derived tannic acid instead of formaldehyde, its main ingredient, to straighten, recondition and render your hair like silk. The best part is that since we have exclusively brought this treatment on board over 2 years ago, we’ve been seeing beautiful results lasting up to 6 months depending on how often you wash and care for your hair.

It’s been a superstar in Europe, or more specifically Spain, since about 2013. It’s migrated all-over Europe and South America where they refer to it as a Taninoplastia. It is truly one-of-a-kind in that it’s the first smoothing treatment to replace harmful formaldehyde with tannic acids. The tannic acids are used to straighten, restructure and modify the hair shape on a molecular level without the use of toxic chemicals.

Why is our Tanino Enzymotherapy superior to other keratins and hair smoothing systems?

  • It’s compatible with all hair types: curly, straight, coarse, frizzy, thick, thin hair.
  • The hairstylist can control this treatment’s straightening power to deliver anything in the spectrum of super straight to straight with some bend and volume to even curly. This straightening treatment is very customizable. Whereas its keratin ancestors would deliver super straight and that’s it.
  • It lasts up to 4 – 6 months.
  • It rebuilds, restores and reconditions damaged hair to a silk-like texture.
  • No more waiting time before you can wash, color or highlight your hair. You can do all three right after the service.

What are you waiting for? Beautiful, smooth, sexy, silk-like hair is just one Tanino Enzymotherapy Treatment away.

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