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Copper Pedicure Bowls
Featuring Hand-hammered Copper Pedicure Bowls - a metal with natural antimicrobial properties for luxurious and therapeutic spa pedicures.


MANICURES Level I Package of 3
Fabrizio Classic Manicure
Includes almond milk bath soak, cuticle treatment, cuticle trim, nail surface buff, shaping the nail edge, hand massage, an application of base coat, (2) coats of professional nail color, and a protective top coat for beautiful shine and increased durability.


Maintenance Manicure a.k.a The Polish Change
Last week's polish doesn't agree with you this week? Then, this service is for you. Only takes 15 minutes. Includes old polish removal, light buffing, and the application of a new color, & topcoat. Can even be done in between receiving services from the salon.


Vinylux Manicure
A weekly polish that delivers week-long wear and no chips. It's not quite a Shellac but way more durable than polish.


French Manicure


American Manicure
What is an American Manicure you ask? Same as a French Manicure but instead of a stark white band line the American Manicure uses an ivory band line to produce a look that is softer, more subtle and and natural-looking.


Nail Art Manicure
The Fabrizio Classic with up to 2 accent nail designs. Choose shapes, stripes, colored or metallic glitter, rhinestones, customized design or seasonal design.


Fabrizio Spa Manicure
Includes the Classic Manicure plus a gentle hand exfoliation to remove dry skin and parafin wax dip to seal in mositure. Benefits include moisturized, younger-looking skin. Helps to moisturize the cuticle as well. Perfect for all skin types.


Addicted to Chocolate Manicure
The Spa Manicure plus a gentle hand exfoliation to remove dry skin and a chocolate parafin wax dip to seal in mositure. Benefits include moisturized and younger-looking skin and cuticles. Available for a limited-time only during the month of February.


Men's Manicure
The Classic Manicure with a clear base and top coat applications.    


Natural Manicure
The Classic Manicure without any polish, top, or base coats. Your nails are buffed to a high shine finish. Perfect for gardeners, nail allergy sufferers and those on the go who want clean, well groomed, healthy nails! Great for both men and women.


Little Diva Manicure
For girls 10 and under.


Nail Design
Choose rhinestones, colored or metallic glitter, shapes, stripes, seasonal or customized nail design.
add to any single nail / all nails
$5 / $15
Paraffin Wax Treatment
hands / feet

Nail Enhancements

Full Set Acrylic
Full Set Gel Nails
More flexible than Acrylic, these hard gels are perfect for those who want more durability and a flawless shiny finish. Lightweight and odorless.


Full Set LCN Gel Nails
Includes soak off and a classic manicure. Perfect for those who want more durability and a flawless shiny finish. Lightweight and odorless.


Full Set French Gel Nails
Enjoy the beauty of a French Manicure in gel version for long-lasting durability.


Full Set LCN Black Diamond Manicure
The perfect nail enhancement choice for those with weak sensitive nails. Enjoy more strength, shine, durability and upto 3 months wear time. Infused with real black diamonds, this flexible and strong resin is ideal for creating a thin natural overlay or sculpting a moderate length nail. The removal process is safe because the enhancement naturally grows out eliminating the use of acetone for removal. The perfect solution for anyone wishing to avoid the use of chemicals that may irritate and dry the nail bed.


Full Set LCN Bio Glass Gel Nails
The most natural-looking, nail-friendly enhancement on the market and you can enjoy no more lifting. A special bonding agent using bio-compatible ingredients like L-Cystein and Chitosan create a natural bond to the nail so the nail does not reject the resin making lifting a thing of the past. Enjoy weeks worth of natural, shiny, durable and nail-safe wear.


The Dry Manicure
Our Classic Manicure for those with artificially enhanced nails: Sculptured, Silk Wrap, Fiberglass Wrap, Forever French, or Acrylic Overlay
Soak Off with Classic Manicure
$42 - up
Shellac Nails
Shellac Removal Natural
Shellac Removal with Manicure
Add Shellac Nail Polish to any Full Set or Refills for extra shine, wear and durability
Single Nail Repair
$5 each


PEDICURES Level I Package of 3
Fabrizio Classic Pedicure
Winner of Best of Delaware - "Best Pedicures"
Performed in our naturally therapeutic copper pedibowls.
Vinylux Pedicure


Shellac Pedicure


French Pedicure
American Pedicure
Express Pedicure
Our no frills version of The Classic Pedicure. No exfoliation, moisturizer, or massage. Only 30 minutes. Perfect for those on the go!
Maintenance Pedicure
A touch-up pedicure performed after two weeks of The Classic Pedicure.
15 minutes

Spa Pedicures

SPA PEDICURES Level I Package of 3
Ultra Pampering Spa Pedicure
Your feet are immersed in a warm mint & eucalyptus mineral salt bath, followed by a gentle foot scrub to remove dead skin and hardened calluses Next, a nourishing masque is applied then removed with steaming towels. After, enjoy a relaxing foot and calf massage foolowed by a warm foot paraffin wax dip to seal in moisture.
Luxurious Red Wine Leaf Pedicure
Let the age-reversing properties of red grape leaf oil nourish and protect your skin, while allowing red wine leaf extracts promote blood circulation, relieve tired, sore legs and feet. Includes all of the steps in our Classic Pedicure plus a Red Wine Leaf Masque and Spray along with a relaxing massage to the feet and calves, foot paraffin wax dip and warm-towel steam as you sip on a full-bodied glass of red wine. Instant results. Reveal younger-looking feet.
Pumpkin Pedicure
One of our most popular spa pedicures! Beautifully exfoliate the skin on your feet with this natural, facial-grade, nutrient-infusing peel. Masque, massage and warmed steamed towels are included for the most decadent pedicure you've ever experienced. Instant results. Reveal younger-looking feet.
Mango Pedicure
The natural fruit enzymes in mango, just as pumpkin, also make it an excellent peel. Infuse your skin with over 100 different vitamins and nutrients known to the mango. Your feet will feel great and look younger too!
Chocolate Pedicure
An hour-long pedicure featuring a rose petal-filled foot bath with soothing salt crystals, a chocolate scrub and nourishing masque, a chocolate parafin foot dip, followed by a heavenly foot and calf massage with chocolate scented massage moisturizer. Available for a limited time during the month of February.
Add Shellac Nail Polish to any Pedicure for extra shine, wear and durability

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Spa Pedicure aromatherapy Fabrizio Nail Spa
Spa Pedicure Aromatherapy Fabrizio Nail Spa

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